Special bets at the bookmaker and their profitability

special bets

If someone thinks about bookmaking, the first thing that comes to mind is sports. Football, tennis, boxing, MMA and dozens of other disciplines. Everyone knows this and it is even customary to call bookmaker sports betting. However, online portals are not only about sports betting. Bookmakers from time to time allow themselves a little more and also provide the opportunity to place so-called special bets.

What could be hidden in this category? Literally everything and this article will present the profile of these plants. Thanks to this, everyone interested will be able to decide whether they want to use them.

Special bets – basic characteristics

special bets

The entire bookmaker is based on what are commonly called “bets”. People have always made bets with each other. About what the weather will be like, who is right, or any other matter that will happen in the future. The most popular bets are on sports. They have become so popular that an entire sports betting sector has been created, which is extremely popular all over the world. However, from time to time the eyes of the world are turned in other directions, and a smart bookmaker will seize this moment to prepare special bets, i.e. those that are most often not related to sports in the slightest.

Here are examples of special bets that arouse or have aroused considerable interest among customers in recent years:

  • Who will win Eurovision?
  • Will the XX party enter the Sejm of the Republic of Poland after the elections?
  • Will Elon Musk send people to Mars by 2030?
  • Who will be the next James Bond?
  • Will Mariusz Pudzianowski become a politician?
  • Will Poland leave the European Union?

Literally anything can be placed in special bets and it depends only on the bookmaker’s creativity. They are often used in the form of promotion or even a joke. It happened that a bookmaker offered a bet on something potentially impossible, which went viral on the Internet, arousing great interest. Who knows, maybe someone has even decided to make such a bet and waits for years until it succeeds?

Profitability of special bets

special bets

This is a very important issue that should be approached with appropriate caution. At the beginning, the user should determine whether the bet was made seriously or whether it is rather a form of a bookmaker’s joke. In the case of a Eurovision win or election results, it can be assumed that the odds are created rather seriously. However, in the case of long-term courses such as sending people to Mars, they should be treated more as fun – a curiosity that can be used. Most often, they have absurdly high odds, but they also reflect a slim chance of success.

If someone just wants to have fun, they should place a small amount on such a bet and simply watch the further course of events with interest. However, you should not expect that the odds will be the result of careful analysis and will rather be oriented in favor of the bookmaker.

It’s just fun

If you are interested in politics, cinematography or anything else that may involve special bets, you can feel free to join the fun. It is in these categories that most special bets should be perceived. Thanks to them, you can add some spice to waiting for the result that really interests the person. All you need is a small bet and the mere knowledge that you have placed money, and the waiting time will be much more pleasant. Then defeat won’t hurt and victory will taste twice as good.

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