How to approach the analysis of sports statistics in order to develop optimal picks?

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Every user of sports betting websites wonders how to approach betting to achieve the best results. Conscious typing is essential. People who place random bets based solely on the odds most often lose. Therefore, it is worth trying analysis and trying to draw appropriate conclusions. Fortunately, portals provide appropriate analysis tools. However, the question remains what to do with them. How to analyze sports competitions to increase the chances of successful betting? And the last and most important question: Is it possible to increase the chance of winning at all?

Data sources for processing and analysis

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First, it is worth considering where to get reliable sources of information for analysis. Statistics usually come from reliable sources, and there are many different websites on the Internet that collect information about various sports disciplines. Here are a few of them:

Statistics section at the bookmaker. It contains dry facts about the history of a given team/athlete. You can learn everything about the results and the course of previous events and confront them with your opponent to draw appropriate conclusions.

Social networking sites and websites of both parties. By browsing official news channels, you can learn a lot about the current situation, possibilities and changes that have taken place on both sides.

External information services. While statistics do not contain information about morale, and official channels will always avoid information about potential problems, external portals will have no qualms about doing so. Scandals, locker room problems and other issues can have a huge impact on the team/player’s performance.

Always try to analyze all three pillars of information described above. By combining them, you can come to very interesting conclusions that will often differ from the bookmaker’s odds.

Estimating the probability of an event based on bookmaker odds

An interesting way to make decisions is to compare your own feelings or the result of statistical analysis with the bookmaker’s odds. You can very easily calculate the probability that a given event will take place.

The formula is: P = 1/K, where K is the rate. For example, for a rate of 1.3; According to the bookmaker, the chance of success of such an event is 1/1.3 = 77%.

Having this probability, the player can determine his own probability – resulting from his knowledge and analysis of the current disposition of the players/team. By comparing these results, you can often come to very interesting conclusions. When the disproportion between the probability presented by the bettor and the one specified by the bookmaker is large, there is a chance to take advantage of the odds with a potentially high payout. By combining a coupon from several such courses, you can achieve a really interesting result.

The benefits of analyzing games before betting on them

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An appropriate approach to sports betting certainly increases your chances of winning, and certainly minimizes the risk of making a mistake. You never know if you will win, but it is certain that you can place a bet in such a way that you will always lose. Bettors’ errors are responsible for a large part of lost bets, and analysis allows you to get rid of them.

Summary – how important is sports analysis when betting?

It is always worth analyzing a given sporting event before betting. This way you can eliminate bad decisions that seem obvious. It is worth noting, however, that even the greatest experts are unable to determine the final result and in the world of sports there are regularly surprising results. That’s why you should never expect a certain win.

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